Why You Should Upgrade to a Metal Roof

Why You Should Upgrade to a Metal Roof

Many homeowners throughout the Hudson Valley area are making the switch from traditional roofs with asphalt shingles to metal roofs. If your roof needs replacement, or if you’re not sure how old it is and are starting to notice significant wear and tear, it may be time to think about the benefits a metal roof could offer for your home.

Metal Roofs Pay for Themselves Over Time

The initial cost to install a metal roof is going to be substantially higher than the cost of a new asphalt shingle roof, but most homeowners find that the cost easily offsets when you look at the average lifespans of both types of roofs. Under ideal conditions, a professionally built asphalt shingle roof will last about 25 years. A metal roof can last three times as long. For example, an asphalt shingle roof that costs $10,000 may seem like a better deal than a metal roof that costs $15,000, but when you take into account the fact that the asphalt roof will be replaced twice more during the lifespan of the metal roof, the metal roof is substantially cheaper over time.

Metal Roofs Offer Energy Savings

In addition to their longevity, metal roofs also help homeowners save money thanks to their energy-saving qualities. During cold weather, a metal roof will absorb sunlight and heat, creating a buffer around the home that makes it much harder for cold air to enter. In the summer, the metal roof’s absorption capability prevents sunlight from penetrating into the home.

Lower Maintenance Needs

During the lifespan of the average asphalt shingle roof, homeowners need to replace shingles and perform all types of maintenance to keep the roof in good shape. By comparison, a metal roof has little maintenance requirements. If you stay alert for any pieces of brick, concrete, metal, or other substances that could potentially penetrate the roof’s coating and cause corrosion, metal roofs have truly little maintenance requirements.

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