Ice Dams, Roof Repairs & Year-Round Roof Maintenance Tips

Ice Dams, Roof Repairs & Year-Round Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof damage can be one of the biggest groan-inducing problems for a homeowner. When you’ve had the windy, icy and stormy winter we just had this can be a huge issue. A primary problem that disrupted homeowners throughout the region this past winter was ice damming – something everyone must be wary of and take steps to prevent whenever possible.

Ice dams occur when heavy snowfall accumulates on a roof. As the snow melts, it often trickles down underneath the snow to the eave of the roof and the gutter where it freezes as temperatures drop again. When enough water accumulates the entire lower end of the roof can be covered in ice. This, in turn, leads to inadequate drainage of the rest of the melting snow, which tends to leak through into the house. Water damage can affect the ceilings, walls, roof structure and insulation. It can also warp hardwood floors, ruin personal belongings and cause mold. Outside, the thick icicles that form are a danger to people and pets.

One of the primary causes of ice dams is insufficient insulation. If heat escapes through the roof, snow melts underneath, but not all the way through. These circumstances make it easy for the water to move very slowly down the roof, giving it more time to freeze before it can drain properly. It’s a good idea to check the attic for possible leaks or cracks come spring and summer just in case damage was caused to the roof over the winter.

One method to prevent ice dams from forming is to shovel the roof following snowfall; however we recommend using caution because this can be dangerous without the proper equipment such as a roof rake. Roof rakes allow homeowners to shovel the snow away without climbing onto the roof. Another method of prevention is to install a special electric wire on the roof that heats the snow more effectively and melts it before it can refreeze.

If you find you have roofing damage from this past winter, including long-term damage from ice damming or excessive wind, Peak Construction can help. Peak is a GAF Certified Master Elite Golden Pledge company. This means that when we install select GAF long-lasting shingles, the workmanship is guaranteed for 25 years. In addition, with the Golden Pledge Warranty, certain shingles are guaranteed non-prorated up to 50 years. Peak also offers a variety of other options that will fit any of your roofing needs.



Never overlook a leak, especially after a snowy winter, as these problems can manifest into much costlier issues down the road. Having solid insulation and long lasting shingles can save you from the headaches caused by all the ice and snow. Remember to consider the safety of yourself and others when deciding on roofing options. The aggravation caused by heavy leaks is enough incentive to make sure the roof over your family’s head is sound.