Saving Time & Money: Peak’s Energy Saving Tips & Contractor Insights

Saving Time & Money: Peak’s Energy Saving Tips & Contractor Insights

Energy Saving Tips

The winter season brings along special holiday celebrations but it also brings cold weather that could affect your wallet if you don’t prepare properly. Here are some energy saving tips:

  • Tune up your Heating System: Maintaining an efficient heating system is an important step to conserving energy. Have your heating system serviced once every two years, and never try to repair it yourself.
  • Get The Fireplace Ready: For safety and efficiency purposes, it’s recommended that the chimney be swept on an annual basis to remove soot and creosote.
  • Seal Air Leaks: Inspect exterior for crevice cracks and exposed entry points around pipes; seal them. Also, use weather-stripping around doors to prevent cold air from entering the home and caulk windows.
  • Insulate: Insulate your attic, walls, ceilings and floors to prevent heat escaping to the outdoors. Insulation improves your comfort as well as the efficiency of your home–and that means more savings for you.

  • Check Foundations: Tuckpoint or seal foundation cracks.
  • Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Install a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace and / or water heater and test them to make sure they work. Also, buy a fire extinguisher or replace an extinguisher older than 10 years.
  • Prevent Plumbing Freezes: Insulate exposed plumbing pipes and if you go on vacation, leave the heat on, set to at least 55 degrees.

Finding the Right Contractor – the Importance of Credentials

Beware – attempting to save a few dollars initially may cost you more than just money in the long run.

This can happen when a homeowner has chosen a lower bid for a contractor’s services. In some cases, there are problems with poor workmanship or building materials. If the contractor doesn’t have the proper insurance or credentials then the homeowner has very little recourse available to them. Peak Construction is highly insured and fully credentialed in all aspects of construction: from general licenses to the specific systems like septic, mitigation, and roofing, etc.

Warranties – Another Benefit of Credential Programs & Affiliations

One of our credentials is the Master Elite Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor for GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, this certification also provides extra warranties to guarantee work outside of Peak’s 1 year warranty on general construction workmanship (in compliance with NYS regulations.) Occasionally, there are some specific projects that Peak will offer an extended warranty for, so make sure to discuss this well in advance.

Master Elite Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor for GAF-ELK

Builders Association of the Hudson Valley Certificate

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